Nov 17, 2011

Perhaps it is the best decision~

I had tendered my resignation letter on 15 Nov 2011...hopefully....I had made the best decision for my future life...Frankly speaking, it’s hard for me to decide which one is better... either I stay at my current position or accept offer from other company...I’m actually comfort which my current lifestyle..I have very friendly and joyful its lack of working pressure here!!....I’m totally enjoyed...but on the other side... I wish to find other working experience in different industry... which it is more challenging for me... and at the same time I could learn something new!! And indirectly could find new friends (perhaps...) may Allah bless me...amin...

To all my ex-officemate to-be...thanks for all your support and guidance... I will miss u guys.... perhaps... we could meet again in the future..insya-Allah... To my ex-boss to-be... thanks for your kindness of giving me an opportunity to develop my career at your firm.... I really2 appreciate it... thanks again!!

Nov 2, 2011

Stop dreaming!!

“You may feel like there's a big opportunity waiting for you but your head is too muddled to take advantage of it. Perhaps you're afraid that if you accept this offer now, you'll miss an even better one later. Don't delay. Change is progress. Go after the things that catch your eye and draw you in. These opportunities won't last forever. Stop dreaming and start doing.”

Nov 1, 2011


Xde keje..busan dok buat keje kt office...(padahal keje urgent...) ley lak p edit pic neh..hadoi~~

Maharaja Lawak Mega

Maharaja Lawak Mega neh... lain ckit dari maharaja lawak sebelum neh.....ia menampilkan otai2 komedi dari 3 buah Negara...iaitu Malaysia, Singapura & Indonesia. Macam2 group the best group (for me la...) is Kumpulan BOBOI...wee~ ~ jalan cerita yang xterlalu berat..and mudah untuk penonton memahami dan masuk ke dalam dunia cerita tue....lawak y bersahaja...mmg membuatkn penonton xkering la... all the best to BOBOI... make sure lawak2 pasni gempak ok..sbb sy nk tgk..wee~

Note : Kepada pelawak2 kt luar sna...Please...avoid lawak2 yang ade unsur2 mengkritik/perli org lain...coz lama2 bnda tue xjd lawak...dia jd bnda y menjengkelkn + meluat nk tgk... MELAWAK XBERERTI ANDA KENA/PERLU MENGHINA ORANG LAIN...

Laugh Out Loud !!!

TEACHER : Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?


TEACHER : What are you talking about?

DONALD : Yesterday you said it's H to O!