Nov 12, 2010

WCOA2010 - Malaysia

11 November 2010,

I had attended the world’s largest gathering of accountants, financial and business leaders, the 18th World Congress of Accountants (WCOA 2010) which currently hosted by Malaysia. (Next gonna be at ROME). I guess… The Congress was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) is jointly organized by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). With the fascinating theme, " Accountants ; Sustaining Value Creation", the congress seeks to demonstrate accountants role in not only creating value and upholding business integrity but also in safeguarding assets for the future generations.

Nadz, Me and Nina + KLCC

Thus, the congress had offered us as accounting students to attend the conference during the plenary Session 4, with the title “Accountants in the Next Decade- Embracing Changes and Seizing Opportunities”. With this chance, its give us an exposure of WCOA 2010 and to find out about the latest opportunities for accountants in the next decade. (Next 10 years) and the session had offered the most professional speakers in the Accounting field. They are:

· Dr. Ian Ball – The CEO of IFAC

· Barry Melancon – The President & CEO of AICPA

· Michael Izza – The CEO of ICAEW

· Charles Tilley – The CEO of CIMA

· Alex Malley – The CEO of CPA Australia

· Helen Brand – The CEO of ACCA

Plus, the best part was… my friends and I able to collect all the goodies during exhibition from ICAEW, ACCA, CPA Australia, AIA, ICPAK, BoardRoom and etc… Thankz to all of them…Especially ACCA and ICAEW... coz give me a magnificent thumb drive… + credit to Amanina Fasihah for her requisition ...hehehehe...

Pen Drive from ICAEW.. (Thankz...Yar!!)

Those are the wonderful moments during WCOA2010 between my friends and I:

Booth for WCOA2010's... any one wanna to register??? hehehe.


Nadz and I at CPA Australia's Booth

My Friends and I together with delegates from UK

With delegates from Africa ( Nice outfit.....!! )

A great moment together with Dr. Muhammad and his friend from Africa

Having our lunch @ Suria KLCC...starving!!! nyum2..

Thankz to Amanina Fasihah for the pictures...

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